How to get more light energy from foods?

Are you aware of the amount of light that food can store?

All living beings on this planet need light to survive.
Humanity is lacking this much-needed light.

All energy on our planet comes from the sun – that is why it is most important to eat foods that have the most stored sunlight biophoton energy in them.

The human biofield is charged with biophotons.

Biophotons are quantum particles of light that transmit energy and information between our cells.
This amount of light plays a significant role in your health and consciousness!

Plants use light from the sun (life force energy) in the form of biophotons.

The plant uses this sunlight energy and stores extra light energy for itself and animals that might
eat it later, including humans. But neither animals nor humans get this energy first-hand.

The dilemma is that 90% of the food marketed is devoid of light!

The Sun is the source of all biological energy on the planet. Therefore, it makes sense to eat foods that are as close to this source of energy as possible. Otherwise, the sunlight energy consumed is third or fourth-hand, and it’s not as loaded with biophotons.

Plants get their energy from the sun. The plant uses the sunlight energy it needs and stores extra light energy for itself, and for those animals that might eat it later, including humans. But neither animals nor humans get this energy first-hand.

When humans eat animals, they’re getting what’s leftover from the sun’s energy after the plants and one or more animals have already taken their fair share. When that happens, humans are tertiary or quaternary consumers of the sun’s light energy.

Plants, like humans, store sunlight in the form of biophotons in their DNA. The more biophotons a plant has stored, the more Lifeforce energy it has to offer, and the more nutritious it is. Science has proven that fresh, organic fruits and vegetables supply five times as much biophoton energy as commercially grown foods and that cooked and irradiated foods supply little or no biophoton energy at all.

Foods With The Most Biophoton Energy are called Light Foods. In the pyramid above you can see which foods have the most sunlight energy. Phytoplankton and Moringa are on the top!

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Special thanks to Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha