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Success story from Jana´s mother

I would like to share my testimony about my mother (67). She had undergone 2 cervical operations. In the last one, they had to change two vertebrae for implants. She also had lumbal problems so she couldn’t walk and was dependent on a walker. My mother had come to Mallorca for a month and I was sure that I have to take her to Glorias sessions every week. My mother came very disoriented and in a lot of pain, her knees were bent even with a walker. I got very sad when I saw her at the airport. After the first session, I was so grateful. Mother next day woke up with number 3 of the pain (from 10) after Gloria’s amazing special blessing, she could walk without any help and she is walking with security! After about the last 10 years it’s the least pain ever! And also she feels very happy and calm in her heart!

Every session she got better and better because of the amazing blessings and support of Gloria, after 5 weeks (5 sessions) her pain completely disappeared. She is completely another person. Also, her depression disappeared. Now when I talk to her most of the days she is pain-free. She doesn’t need a walker anymore. Thank you so much to heaven, and to Gloria for your amazing support !!! I feel so blessed!

Success story from Antje

Success story from Frauke

Success story from Ines

Success story from Verena´s dog Milli

My dog Milli is 13 years old and has always been healthy and very active for her age. A few weeks ago, she suddenly started coughing and vomiting a lot. The doctor said it was a normal cough and that dogs sometimes vomit because of it. But otherwise, she was fine. She didn’t have a fever or pain and was in good spirits. Unfortunately, the cough got worse over time. At that point, Milli was already quite thin because she couldn’t keep much food down. I took her to the animal clinic, and she was given antibiotics there. The doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia and suspected cancer, in addition to a condition called megaesophagus. Milli collapsed multiple times in the hospital and became weaker and weaker.

I contacted Gloria and asked her for help. She told me that Milli needed me, so I went to the hospital to pick her up, assuming that it would be her last hours and I would let her go peacefully at home with her loved ones. Gloria came by and blessed Milli, bringing me colloidal silver water and a biophoton powder as well. She also enriched water with what I call magic wands and used it to provide additional treatment for Milli.

Then I focused all my attention on Milli and did everything I could to help her recover. Gloria told me that Milli didn’t want to leave yet; she wanted to keep fighting. As long as I felt she wasn’t in severe pain and suffering, I gave it a try. I kept playing the music “Peace, Love, and Harmony” and another chanting song around the clock. I gave her the colloidal silver, the powder, and the water. We gave it our all for three days to get Milli back on her feet, quite literally because she was too weak to stand up on her own.

On the fourth day, with a lot of strength, I managed to get Milli to walk a few meters with me. She was very wobbly and weak, but it was a small glimmer of hope. We did that twice that day and again the next morning. Although she was still weak, we found a way for the food to reach her stomach without her vomiting it. This brought energy back into her body, and her digestion started working again. On the fifth day, she got up on her own and went to the garden. From that point on, she steadily improved. Milli grew stronger and became more active.

Gradually, we started taking short walks together. You should know that despite her old age, Milli was incredibly agile and would run onto the road like a little crazy mouse and jump over walls. That was not possible for her now. So we took small, slow walks. I provided Milli with the best food, with many good ingredients. And now, a few weeks later, Milli is running along the road like a little mouse again, jumping over walls as if nothing happened. All of this happened just two months ago. She still needs to gain a bit more weight, but I am very satisfied with her health condition.

Gloria truly gave everything. She stood by my side the entire time, visited as often as possible, and did so much to help Milli regain her strength. She also gave me encouragement, support, and accompanied me with all her strength, for which I am infinitely grateful. During the initial period, she constantly gave additional blessings and provided on-site treatments. I can’t believe what happened. It feels like a miracle to me. When I picked Milli up from the hospital, I thought she would pass away today or in the next few days, and I would lose her. I didn’t expect that everything would take such a turn, and now I have a dog that is as fit as a young one, despite her old age. I thank heaven and all the forces that made it possible for my Milli to stay with us, and I hope I can repay them somehow. It was an enormous achievement!

Success story from Kathrin

I have been increasing my light energy for 1 month and I am thrilled! 

I am a mother of 3 children and have professionally very versatile tasks, which have exhausted me repeatedly. For me, it is essential to be mentally and emotionally balanced but also physically fit. At some point in the afternoon, the energy was just suddenly gone. Also, getting up has often been a big challenge for me for many years.

After about two weeks with the light energy program, I could feel more clarity, and I was more focused and, above all, more motivated. Many days just felt good from early morning until late at night! After four weeks, I can say that I can draw from a bigger pot of life energy and get up in the morning much better. It doesn’t take as long to get going in the day anymore. My body feels more alive. Also, and this may well be a result, I feel more centered and calm in stressful moments. I can better stay with myself and accept life as it is. A thousand thanks for this incredible support!

Results tested after 1 month in Body Energy, Vitality, and Informational Energy! 
(Red, Orange, and Yellow)
Biophotons are light quanta emitted by cells. With the unique Live Photonic Analysis method there is not only the possibility to measure these biophotons, but also to classify them into color elements and to determine biophoton sequences (complex light patterns). The Live Photonic Analysis method does not use a photomultiplier as usual for biophoton measurements, but a multi-pixel photon counter (MPPC). With 100 pixels, each pixel can register single photons.

Success story from Sandra

I came to Gloria during a very difficult phase of my life. I was not in a good emotional state and had been eating very little for weeks or even months, resulting in a weight loss of 5 kilograms. I often felt very tired, unbalanced, unable to make decisions, and hopeless. The first Guan Yin Blessing I received from Gloria was very intense. I felt the energy slowly moving through my body, particularly in my head, heart, and legs. Many emotions surfaced, and I began to cry.

After the Blessing, I felt as if a thick black cloud around my head had been blown away. I felt wrapped in cotton, grounded, and full of peace. The most fascinating thing was that my constant nausea had completely disappeared and did not return. I was able to eat normally again, I was more centered, capable of making decisions, and much less emotional. I felt protected! This state lasted for weeks. I also experienced days of inner joy without any apparent reason, which hadn’t been part of my life for a long time. I practiced the exercises that Gloria recommended, which helped me maintain my energy levels.

Further Blessings from Gloria, even at a distance, continued to stabilize me and were very powerful. Anxiety and panic attacks became incredibly rare, and I feel more emotionally detached from my circumstances, allowing me to find better solutions and make better decisions. I feel acceptance, confidence, and hope, which I haven’t felt in this way for a long time, if ever before. I feel supported and carried with a certain sense of ease. I am incredibly grateful from the bottom of my heart for Gloria’s support during this time in my life. I have never experienced something so powerful before, despite having tried countless methods! Thank you very much!

Success story from Susanne

When I went to see Gloria, I found myself in a difficult professional situation. Since this was also connected to my private life, it was very difficult for me to find a solution. I also had stomach aches and had been struggling for weeks. Gloria’s skills showed me why I was in this situation and it made sense for the first time. We scheduled 6 sessions and after each session, I noticed that something was happening on a physical level as well. I had headaches and many things were going through my mind. However, for the first time, I was ready and able to say things to the person I had challenges with, which I had not been able to do before! For the first time, I felt relief and soon my stomach aches became less! The sessions with Gloria are energetically highly effective and I can really recommend them. You will be surprised by what comes to the light!

Success story from Isabella

Fascinating that my lumbar double herniated disc (BSV) that HAS been with me for 15 years has disappeared! The last relapse was 5 years ago, I couldn’t move and was prescribed injections in my spine – the pain brought me to the point of fainting. Surgery was out of the question for me, so rehab and lots of sports were the order of the day. The stinging and pulling from the lumbar, spine up to the neck and back have often caused discomfort, severe migraines, and increased alcohol consumption for relief.

When Gloria gave me a blessing it was like a meditation, I twitched several times because my back was tingling down below. At the same time, I felt a warmth radiating outward from inside against the spine and going up and down the whole spine, accompanied by a feeling of warmth and an immensely liberating lightness. After the blessing I could no longer feel any pain in my back – could even touch the ground with my palms from a standing position. Before, I could barely get my fingertips down. The energy that is flowing through me now is almost impossible to stop – I have to stop MYSELF from doing a Flic Flac. The blessings are so incredibly powerful.

Success story from Ina

Dear Gloria, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you. Since I’ve known you and learned the Soul Language, many things have changed. Due to the current situation, everything seemed to surface, and an incredible fear and anger spread throughout my body.
Insomnia, lack of motivation, extreme fatigue, and even depressive moods had become somewhat normal for me.

Since I learned the Soul Language techniques through you, which I regularly practice at home on my own, there is calmness in my mind. I consciously send my thoughts to my lower abdomen and let them flow naturally. Now, I even sing, and it brings a beautiful and soothing feeling.

I can fall asleep easily again, have trust in the future, and allow myself to be guided by the divine.

I wake up every day in such a great mood, even before my first cup of coffee.

Everything seems lighter in my daily life, and I appreciate moments more consciously than ever before. Where I used to easily get upset, now I am more serene and relaxed.

The Soul Language came into my life at the perfect moment.And I hope that more people will get to know it, to find their center and inner strength.

Success story from Heidrun

At a point in my life where I had to go through a very painful experience repeatedly, I simply didn’t know what to do anymore. Gloria checked the Akashic Records for me, and finally, I knew why I had been experiencing these repetitions. Through her empathetic and clear approach, I felt both understood and seen. She also had very practical advice on how I can steer my life path in a positive direction, essentially guiding me onto the right path and healing the repetition pattern. Thank you, thank you, thank you.