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Congratulations on taking the first vital step to a soulful and healthy lifestyle.
If you are constantly searching and trying to find solutions to transform your health, or if you feel lost on your path
to you becoming the best version of yourself, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let me tell you this:
I have spent half my life researching different healing methods, therapeutic foods, and nutrition to find out what really works.

This is how I found control of my existence, change my reality, and discover my life’s true purpose:

Helping you to find health and happiness by transforming the root cause of your challenges.

I am combining science and evidence-based healthcare with ancient healing techniques to analyse and transform you on all levels, including soul, heart, mind, energy and matter.


At this time, we are collectively experiencing a huge global shift. What we need right now to tap directly into the Soul level. In Tao Science, we’re shown that information is the soul and the soul is the BOSS. Soul leads heart, heart leads mind, mind leads energy, and energy leads the physical matter. When we can shift it on a soul level, we can shift it on every level.

Learn how you can use your soul power!

Meadow landscape refreshment with sunray and golden bokeh.
Beautiful sunrise in the mountain.


We are all missing light... and only 3% of humanity is aware of this. We as humans are also using light for our bodies as a primal source of energy. This light energy is essential for every cell of the body and of supporting our body’s ability to heal and every biochemical reaction. All beings on this planet need light energy to live. It is pretty simple – without light, there is no life!

Let me help you increase your light!



Food is essential for everyone of us! As a Functional Nutrition Parctitioner I utilize the latest functional laboratory testing, as well as incorporate combinations of botanical medicines, therapeutic foods, natural supplements, therapeutic diets, and detoxification programs to achieve the best possible results for you.

Let me find out what your body needs to feel energized, vital, and balanced!

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