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Transform yourself in one month!

With Living Buddha® you can update your life with:


Solid, consistent energy throughout
the day is vital to all of us. Living Buddha® delivers vital force at the mitochondria level of cellular energy production.
It contains the energy currency required by the human body, called nucleotides
ATP and GTP.

Powerful Antioxidant

The best 100% bioavailable source
of superoxide dismutase (SOD).
SOD Activity: ≥ 30.000 IU/g!

SOD is the body’s most powerful antioxidant enzyme that plays a critical role in reducing oxidative damage and inflammation. It contains the three antioxidative enzymes SOD, glutathione peroxidase and catalase!


Phytoplankton can have the same oxygenating and detoxifying effects
on the body as it does in the ocean.
Our blood, as our bodies are mostly water,
but what is interesting is the fact that plasma (the watery part of the blood) contains salt and other ions that are
very similar to seawater.


The smallest nanoparticulate size of
the microalgae and several of its nutrients, including the phospholipids and omega-3
fatty acids, can cross the blood-brain
barrier. They are feeding the brain and
master glands located deep in the brain.
This stimulates significant neurotransmitter production as well
as mental clarity.

Lose weight & CELLULITE

Living Buddha® helps reduce weight
and decrease peripheral fat body mass.
The ingredients help to reduce the effects of cellulite. They fight against the two
main causes of cellulite: inflammation
and fibrosis state of adipose tissue.


Antioxidant activity improves the appearance and health of the skin. Because the nutrients in Living Buddha®
are microscopic and in their natural state, they can cross the skin barrier and
deliver nourishment to the lower skin
layers. Your skin appears more vibrant
and younger – inner cosmetics that
naturally beautify skin cells.


Gradually you will begin to naturally
stop craving unhealthy, processed,
mineral-deficient food due to the
natural restoration of your body.


Adding Phytoplankton to your diet
may be able to help your mood.
A pilot study conducted at the University
of Utah shows significant improvements
in depression symptoms after regularly
taking it as a supplement. Participants
reported feeling full of life, increased
energy and feeling calm and at peace.


If you practice meditation,
you will find your mind calmer
and your body easier to calm down.
A residual "grounding energy" will be felt.

100% natural & vegan
Superfood Nutrition & Face Mask!

With unique Phytoplankton strain:
Microalgae Tetraselmis Chuii (TetraSOD®) &
Moringa Oleifera "The Miracle Tree"!

100% Natural!
NO chemicals!

100% Vegan!
NO hidden animal ingredients

The positive effects of TetraSOD® are proved with clinical studies in Spain. For Moringa Oleifera there are many scientific studies over the last years.

The product doesn’t contain Genetically Modified Organisms.
It is a wild type species!

SOD Activity:
≥ 30.000 IU/g!

≥ 135.000 μmol TE/100 g!

TetraSOD® and Moringa are naturally grown in Spain.

It is cultivated in non-arable land and water media is recycled.

100% bioavailable,
complete absorption!

TetraSOD® is the only Marine Microalgae approved as a Novel Food.

Produced under a patent protected process.

Highest vibration of violet light in Miron® Violet Glass and activated in biophoton radiation.

All raw materials are examined by well-known institutes for pollutants and toxins.


What people say?

Living Buddha really surprised me.
The very next day my skin looked much more fresh and firm. Also I always have enough energy (very welcome
as a mom), even if the nights are short. Overall, the body feels nourished and taken care of.
And I'm actually entering deeper meditation states.
All in all, a product that finally delivers what it promises.
Definitely recommended.
I have been taking Living Buddha capsules for about
3 weeks now and could notice the following changes:
For 12 days now I am painless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I slowly but steadily decrease my weight
(no food cravings anymore)
I have overall more energy
I can concentrate better and longer
(previously at most 3-4 hours a day,
now 6-8 without any problems)
Slowly but surely I am getting my life back
with every day!
It sounds like a miracle and that's how I feel.
My resulting gratitude and joy are very great.
Since 6 weeks I am taking 2 capsules from
Living Buddha every morning my after breakfast.
Despite irregular sports activities,
I noticed after a few days that my digestion normalized.
Furthermore, I have the feeling that my skin
is no longer feeling so dry.
Most notable, however, is that my concentration improves and forgetfulness subsides
and I am feeling more relaxed, calmer and deliberated.
Looking forward to the next weeks and months.
On the second day, I noticed my increased efficiency. Both mentally and physically.
However, the physical improvement was felt faster. Since April 2018, I do pushups and sit ups in the morning after taking a shower.
Well, on the second day of ingestion, the pushups actually seemed a lot easier and I made 40 (instead of 25 before), without being exhausted.
Even my evening repetition, which I also liked to fail, I wanted to experience now, with the same result.
Suddenly, without much effort, I was able to achieve almost double the number of repetitions.
Otherwise I knew that from the 17th push-up my arms became heavy, my ead blushed unnecessarily,
my heart rate increased and my muscles gave up. And suddenly it was not like that anymore.
It seemed to meas if the medium was missing in my body to bring the necessary things to where they are needed urgently.
In the evening, after work, I did not feel so drained anymore. Still fit and efficient.
The imaginary line, for reaching my physical limits, was suddenly moved far back.
I actually have not experienced that yet.
Also, I could feel a mental improvement, but this has been recorded after a few days.
I was already clearer in the morning after getting up. Sometimes „the fog of the night“ still surrounds me and a dream veil rises
my thoughts when I get ready in the morning, before work. Sometimes I sit in bed for a few minutes, dreaming with open eyes.
The condition became shorter with each day passing. I finished earlier and this made it a bit more structured and effective in my daily routine.
In my case, I can always get up a little earlier and start working earlier or enjoy the day more in its entirety.
Positive side effect, which I have observed, in spite of the fact that I was sometimes very tired in the evening, I did not just fall asleep anymore.
For even when my body was tired, my mind was not yet. But that had no negative impact on my sleep rhythm.
Falling asleep continued without any problems and the nights were very pleasant and relaxing.

Why are Turtles getting
over 200 Years old?

Research has found high levels of SOD responsible for their Longevity!

Let Oxygen flow in your Body!

1 month with Living Buddha® has the effect of
3 months of training at 3.000 m altitude!

Increase in Haemoglobin

Living Buddha® increases haemoglobin levels naturally! Haemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells.
These cells are responsible for carrying oxygen around
the body. In addition to transporting oxygen,
haemoglobin carries carbon dioxide out of the cells
and into the lungs. Having low haemoglobin can make it
difficult for the body to perform these functions.

Increase of O2 Consumption

The intense chlorophyll content in Living Buddha®
also increases oxygen uptake. Higher oxygen uptake
means fuel to muscles, which translates to improved
performance and endurance.

The consumption of TetraSOD® for 1 month obtained similar or higher results in haemoglobin without the increase in
hematocrit and higher O2 consumption when compared to a high-altitude or high-intensity training for at least 3 months.*
* Presented from athletes who were supplemented with TetraSOD®1
1) Rodrigo Bellido, F.J. Effects of Tetraselmis Chuii intake on oxidative stress in sportsmen. Extremadura University, Thesis, 2017.

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