Root Cause Program

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Unlock Your Health with The Root Cause Program

Cutting-Edge Lab Tests for Uncovering the Underlying Causes of Symptoms

Prioritizing Nutrition, Supplements and Lifestyle as the Foundation

Tailored Treatment Strategies Aimed at Root Causes and Preventive Measures

Hands-On Support, Testing, and Progress Monitoring

How the "Root Cause" program works


Comprehensive analysis

We invest significant effort in comprehending your genetics, history, lifestyle, and objectives. Coupled with cutting-edge lab tests that many other physicians don't conduct, we provide you with a wealth of new, in-depth insights into your condition and an integrated program designed to tackle it.

Revealing the Hidden:

We understand the frustration of navigating through multiple doctors without a clear diagnosis. We specialize in challenging-to-identify ailments and employ state-of-the-art lab tests. Our holistic approach delves deep into the root cause of your condition.

We begin by exploring your history, which includes questions from your birth up to now.

  • Detailed health history assessment
  • Symptom analysis (covering over 200 possible symptoms)
  • Diet and lifestyle evaluation
  • Review of eating habits
  • Assessment of medications and supplements
  • Review of existing medical and lab tests
  • Recommendation of additional relevant testing options
  • General health status
  • Supply deficits (vitamins, minerals, trace elements)
  • Psyche (emotional or psychological stress, burn-out symptoms, stress, grief)
  • Drug tolerance
  • Women’s and men’s health
  • Glanditest (gland check/digestion – leaky gut syndrome)
  • Dental-Impact
  • HKL-Check (cardiovascular issue)
  • Food incompatibilities or contamination
  • Add-Check (E-numbers | additives)
  • Food supplements
  • Diet plans according to your individual needs
  • Dental load (dental materials, bacterial impairment)
  • Help with eating disorders
  • Your metabolic fingerprint

We review your medication history, toxicants, microorganisms, hormones, as well as occupational and pesticide/herbicide exposures.

Our assessment of chronic infections extends to viral illnesses like EBV/CMV, fungal infections, and potential mold-related conditions. We also test Immunoglobulins to specified pathogens.


Receive a tailored plan.

We pinpoint and address nutritional deficiencies, toxins, or pathogen exposures and more that may be present and causing harm. Our approach is all about personalization. We tackle the underlying causes of illness and devise strategies for prevention and sustained well-being through integrative adjustments in nutrition, lifestyle, and, when necessary, targeted supplements and therapeutic foods tailored to your requirements.

What's Included in Your Personalized Plan?

Your personalized plan is designed to address your individual health risks and root causes through a combination of nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and targeted supplements, all aimed at helping you achieve optimal health.

This includes an integrative approach to nutrition, featuring an elimination plan with food reintroduction and symptom tracking.

We focus on enhancing your well-being through enjoyable forms of physical activity, stress management techniques, and dedicated mental and emotional care.

Our approach prioritizes natural solutions with an emphasis on nutrition-based interventions with targeted natural and pure supplements and therapeutic foods. Supplement recommendations are tailored exclusively for you to address the specific factors identified in your tests.


Monitoring Progress and Continuous Assistance.

Through proactive 60 minute sessions and unlimited messaging, we ensure that you reach your health objectives. Our comprehensive functional nutrition approach prioritizes your active involvement in the treatment process.

Continuous Support, Monitoring, and Proactive Visits.

Optimize your journey with ongoing functional nutrition assistance and regular check-ins. Our approach involves tracking your progress, conducting repeat advanced lab tests, and delivering educational content tailored to your specific health condition.

Experience personalized care from the comfort of your home, emphasizing prevention, strategic planning, and individualization, rather than solely focusing on treating illness. We provide unlimited messaging support when you require it.

Our focus is on reducing your lifetime risk of heart attack, stroke and other conditions. To achieve this, we utilize special lab tests to monitor your risk and measure improvements over time.


Soul Light Food Outperforms

Soul Light Food
Precision through Advanced Lab Tests and Root Cause Analysis

We employ advanced lab tests to delve into the root cause of your condition, enabling us to create a precise therapy plan for your treatment.

Comprehensive 60-Minute Consultations

We genuinely care and listen. The more we understand your health history and goals, the better we can collaborate to achieve your optimal health.

100% Personalized Plans

Receive a hyper-personalized plan tailored to address the root cause of your condition. These plans prioritize a food-first, lifestyle-based approach, with supplements used as needed. Our ultimate aim is to help you reduce or eliminate the need for medication.

Nutrition and Lifestyle as the Foundation

We firmly believe that food and lifestyle play a vital role in healing. Our approach emphasizes nutritional support and a schedule of healthy habits as the cornerstones of optimal health.

Continuous Data Tracking and Visible Results:

With ongoing support, monitoring, and testing, you'll not only feel and see real progress but also have the ability to track it.

Traditional Approach

Modern healthcare often boils down to brief consultations that invariably conclude with prescription medication.

Brief 10-minute appointments

In today's healthcare landscape, we've grown accustomed to these short consultations that merely scratch the surface.

Surface-level approach

Traditional protocols typically involve prescribing a pill or supplement to alleviate your problems and symptoms. However, this rapid-fix approach fails to address the underlying root causes of your condition. Soul Light Food doesn't just mask your symptoms; we work with you to pinpoint precisely what's driving them and provide relief.

Lack of ongoing support

Most doctors are barely accessible when you're unwell. We're here not just when you're sick, but also to help you prevent disease and plan for a long, healthy life.

Instant solutions

We recognize that achieving a healthy body isn't an overnight process, and our approach demands effort, time, and a willingness to embrace change. If you're not prepared to invest the time and effort required for long-lasting results, then Soul Light Food may not be the right fit for you.


What do my clients say

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Since the change of diet in combination with the supplements I feel sooooo much better and that after only 3 weeks! I notice how I feel better every day and that is just great. Thanks a million dear Gloria – you are a godsend for me!
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I am so incredibly grateful from the bottom of my heart for Gloria's support during this time of my life, and have never experienced something so powerful before, even though I have tried an incredible amount of things!!!! Thank you so much!!!
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For the first time, I felt relief and soon my stomach aches became less! The sessions with Gloria are energetically highly effective and I can really recommend them. You will be surprised by what comes to the light!
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I feel all around better in my body and you can see a significant improvement in my skin. It is as if my body is telling me what it really needs. Thank you Gloria!!!
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I feel so energized day by day, my stomach & digestion problems disappeared after 10 days. I am a swimmer and Judo lover - noticed a higher training capacity and faster recovery. My skin is pure & fine, heals way faster after injury. Feeling more positive during these hard times!
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Feeling less stressed, having more power in my daily work, very positive and smiling - even my skin is really brilliant and appears younger. I lost 2-3 kg weight (in 1 month) even without doing sports and have no pain in my legs any more as I am standing up to 10 hours daily in my own shop!

Your questions answered

Sure! We specialize in challenging-to-identify ailments and employ state-of-the-art lab tests. Our holistic approach delves deep into the root cause of your condition.

No! Our special laboratory is doing the diagnosis. We do the symptom analysis and everything else. 😉

We will select the ones that make the most sense for your individual needs and speak with you about the pricing. Lab tests and specific supplements for your needs are not included in the membership price.

No, we are sorry. Currently the topic functional nutrition and the special lab tests are not covered by your insurance.

This depends on your needs. The costs can vary from 100 – 350 €.

Absolutely, you have unlimited messaging at your disposal! Consider it a convenient and prompt means of conversing with us. Typically, we aim to respond to most inquiries from our patients within 24 hours.

Yes, although Soul Light Food primarily operates through digital possibilities, certain advanced lab tests do require the collection of physical samples. We offer the convenience of home draw labs and home tests to ensure a smooth experience for you. Through our established partnerships with trusted laboratories, you can schedule at-home sample collections, making it more convenient to undergo the required advanced tests without the need to visit a medical facility. This approach combines the advantages of digital support with the precision of specialized lab analyses, ensuring you receive comprehensive care from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual care presents several benefits compared to traditional in-person healthcare. Here are some of the primary advantages of virtual care:

  1. Accessibility and Convenience: Overcomes geographical barriers, enabling access to care from virtually anywhere (provided you are in the state where you reside). It eliminates the need for travel, saving both time and expenses.

  2. Flexible Scheduling: Offers appointments tailored to accommodate busy schedules, significantly reducing or even eliminating appointment wait times.

  3. Continuity of Care: Simplifies the process of follow-up appointments, making it easier to monitor chronic conditions over time.

  4. Time and Cost Savings: Drastically reduces travel time and associated expenses, while also eliminating the time spent in waiting rooms.

  5. Privacy and Confidentiality: Provides a secure environment for sensitive discussions, enhancing patient comfort and confidentiality.

It’s important to note that the choice between virtual care and traditional care should be based on the specific medical situation, patient preferences, and recommendations from healthcare providers.