Nutrition from the source

Soul Light Food®


Soul Light Food® is based on the beautiful Island of Mallorca in Spain.
We develope 100% natural, high vibrational superfoods for happy & shiny people!


Our daily life with stress and pollution is attacking ourselves every day.
The food we are eating is “empty”.
We need high vibrational nourishing superfoods to be healthy & happy.


Awaken yourself with the base of the food chain!
If you are conscious or not – you really need:
Living Buddha®!

“I love Alternative Medicine & Natural Healing and I am an expert for a happy & healthy life.
That is why I created the unique Superfood Nutrition: Living Buddha®.”

Gloria Kraft

Founder Soul Light Food®


Gloria Kraft

Gloria Kraft is the Founder of Soul Light Food.
This is a company that she recently started on the Island of Mallorca in Spain.
She oversees all aspects of the developement, production, marketing, sales, customer relations and administrative work.
She came into this career by way of natural progression and her own healing story through superfood nutrition.

Gloria spent over 9 years training from a Master, transformational leader and author of 25 books,
including 11 New York Times bestsellers. Doctor of Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture,
and grandmaster of several Asian arts. He has received the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission
Award for promoting world peace.

In the future Gloria want to focus on changing lives to become more happy and healthy
with the combination of ancient chinese healing arts and transformational superfoods. 

She is manifesting the growth of her business worldwide and changing lives in the process.
The key to her success has been her passion for helping people.

The Story

How I healed my Burnout
in 2 weeks without a doctor
and 100% natural!

It all started last year… I was suffering from a Burnout after giving birth and too early starting
a very stressful job as a Marketing Expert. The day came where I could only stay in bed or on the sofa
and had no energy or even concentration any more. Also there was the feeling of someone pour liquid over my forehead,
this caused also “Brain fog”. In Western Medicine there is no help for this. The doctor would tell you to take medicine,
make a psychotherapy and take at least one year off.
Because I am allergic to chemicals and medication I was training myself for over 20 years in solving health challenges naturally. Many years ago there came a special Microalgae called: Phytoplankton in my life and I found a strain 30 times more potent
than all the other ones. So I decided to make a test to heal my Burnout with this unique Phytoplankton naturally.
In the time following 1,5 weeks I was able to stay up all day without laying in the bed. My life and energy came back!
2 weeks later my “Brain fog” lifted and my concentration was fully regenerated.
I was able to work over 8 hours straight all day! When 3 weeks went by I also recognised a change in my face.
My skin was more vibrant and fresh. Also my weight went down and I could feel a overall well being.
After all this positive effects in a very short time I decided to help other people suffering
the same with this unique natural solution.
That is why I created the Superfood-Nutrition: Living Buddha®.
With love & gratitude Gloria

We are happy to give back!

Here is the project:
Love Peace Harmony Foundation | Plant A Million

The goal is to plant 1 million trees around the world.

The Love Peace Harmony Foundation is creating a network of organizations and individuals dedicated to offering support to
Mother Earth through this community conservation initiative. An inspired group of volunteers is the driving force behind this project, with a global core team, as well as many Regional Coordinators and tree champions supporting on the local level.

The Love Peace Harmony Foundation will bring people together from all around the world to inspire us on how to offer gratitude to Mother Earth by planting trees. Our core values revolve not only around planting trees but a wider arena of spreading awareness through creative means, creating emotional connection to nature, teaching children, protection of trees and forests, and much more!

Together, we can build a vibrant global network to amplify the movement towards awareness,
and sustainable actions for forests across the Earth.

Please join!