What is TetraSOD®!

The most powerful ingredient against oxidative stress!

It is a Phytoplankton strain called:
Tetraselmis Chuii (TetraSOD®).

It is many times smaller than a red blood cell and
can hold such amazing health-giving power.

It accumulates 30-fold more SOD activity than any other
Marine Phytoplankton strain on the market today!
SOD Activity: ≥ 30.000 IU/g!

SOD is the first essential enzyme in the antioxidant pathway,
which makes it the first shield against oxidative stress!

TetraSOD® is a unique marine ingredient (marine microalgae Tetraselmis chuii)
that is grown under patent-protected technology.

TetraSOD®  is the most concentrated SOD source in the market,
with science backed demonstrated efficiency on activating the antioxidant
response pathway on human cells.

TetraSOD®  is not only a SOD product, but also a healthy functional ingredient
with the most balanced nutritional composition:

it contains the three antioxidative enzymes (SOD, glutathione peroxidase and catalase),
essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and pigments.

TetraSOD®  offers athletes and individuals with active lifestyles an increased
physiological response against oxidative stress to aid performance and recovery.

The phytoplankton for TetraSOD® is cultivated,
it is
not collected from the oceans.

Transform yourself!