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Spotlight on Phytoplankton: Potent Superfood Nutrition?

With the silly season over I am at that beginning of the year stage of utter determination to turn my body into a temple. The fridge and pantry are stocked with plant-based wholefoods, and the new exercise schedule is in full force. But I have found myself still searching for the missing piece, the ultimate nutritional supplement. A supplement that is effective, potent, and rules out the need to pop umpteen various vitamins and minerals on the daily to ensure my body is getting everything it needs. Does it exist?


A Standout Superfood

Superfoods like spirulina, acai, chlorella, etc. have been around for donkeys now, and yes, they’re fabulous, but have you heard of the lesser-known phytoplankton? Phytoplankton is microscopic marine algae. They are the foundation of the aquatic food web, the primary producers, feeding everything from microscopic zooplankton to multi-ton whales. Small fish and invertebrates also graze on the plant-like organisms, and then those smaller animals are eaten by bigger ones. They have a huge responsibility in our eco-system!


The World’s Healthiest Supplement?

To get the science out of the way, phytoplankton when consumed contains a wealth of bio-available vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, all 10 essential amino acids, enzymes, proteins, carotenoids, fatty acids, and enzymes, including superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is the body’s most powerful antioxidant enzyme that plays a critical role in reducing oxidative damage and inflammation. Phytoplankton can, therefore, have the same oxygenating and detoxifying effects on our body as they do on the ocean. Additionally, the smallest nanoparticulate size of the microalgae and several of its nutrients can cross the blood-brain barrier. They are feeding the brain and master glands located deep in the brain. This stimulates significant neurotransmitter production as well as mental clarity.

Not only good for your insides, the antioxidant activity improves the appearance and health of your skin when applied topically. Because the nutrients are microscopic and in their natural state, they can cross the skin barrier and deliver nourishment to the lower skin layers, and also reduce the appearance of cellulite by fighting inflammation and fibrosis state of adipose tissue. Your skin appears more vibrant and younger. Coupled with more energy, improvements in mood, less food cravings, and a greater sense of calm, phytoplankton is definitely a health heavy hitter!


Is all Phytoplankton Created Equal?

Short answer? No! We’ve done the research, but not nearly as much as Soul Light Food founder Gloria Kraft has. With allergies to many chemicals and medications, Gloria painstakingly researched alternative ways to maintain her health over the past 20 years. During the course of her research she came across the special microalgae called phytoplankton and sourced a strain locally here in Spain which has the best 100% bioavailable source of superoxide dismutase (SOD). TetraSOD® is grown under patent-protected technology that accumulates 30-fold more SOD activity than any other marine phytoplankton strain on the market today (30,000 IU/g SOD activity). SOD is the first essential enzyme in the antioxidant pathway, which makes it the first shield against oxidative stress.

Experiencing a multitude of positive side effects in a very short time, Gloria decided she was going to share this wonder superfood so that we could all benefit from it, and so, the Superfood-Nutrition, Living Buddha was born. She has ensured her superior phytoplankton product is 100% natural and vegan, not a genetically modified organism (GMO), a Wild Type Species (characteristic of the species in a natural breeding population) and is approved as a Novel Food (safe according to food safety legislation).

Living on Mallorca where her company Soul Light Food based, Gloria, oversees all aspects of the development, production, marketing, sales, customer relations and administrative work for the Living Buddha product.


“I love alternative medicine and natural healing and I am an expert for a happy and healthy life. That is why I created the unique Superfood Nutrition: Living Buddha.” – Gloria Kraft


1-Month to Transform Yourself

After meeting with Gloria and seeing her passion for this product I was eager to get my hands on my own supply of Living Buddha. Apparently, in just one month, you can experience profound results by simply doing one thing – popping 2 Living Buddha capsules per day. I began immediately, and Gloria said some people feel positive effects in as little as half an hour. I definitely felt good as I headed out the door, but that could have been the after-effects of a well-timed coffee earlier – hard to say!

It’s worth noting my experiment with phytoplankton was taking place during the least forgiving time of year – the Christmas holiday period. I had parties lined up, a house without heating, and a flatmate who was coming down with bronchitis. As someone who catches a cold far too easily, I was expecting at least one immune system fail to befall me. Miracle of miracles it never happened. There was a point where I felt the dreaded throat tickle and I felt sure I was done for. I decided to take an extra 2 capsules of phytoplankton for two days, along with copious amounts of water, hot lemon drinks, and garlic. Wo and behold, the cold never eventuated!

As the days progressed, I tried to put my finger on any changes I was feeling to my health. Besides my immune system holding up in the depths of winter, I noticed I was performing very well at the gym in my classes. My energy levels were unusually high. My habit was to take the phytoplankton capsules first thing in the morning, and I found that some days I was skipping my morning coffee which was previously unthinkable. With all of the parties (including my own birthday) over this period, I was geared up to experience a few rough morning afters, however I didn’t seem to suffer nearly as much. I even made it to a Saturday morning training session, and a Sunday hike after two nights out when I would have expected to spend those following days hiding under the duvet.


Final Verdict

My overall review is that Living Buddha seems to have a very holistic effect on the body. Over the 1-month period my sense of general wellbeing definitely improved, my body was functioning really well, especially during physical exercise, and I was alert without the need for coffee. I deliberately stopped taking all other vitamins and supplements during this time to be sure any results were correctly attributed to the phytoplankton. The convenience of one all-encompassing product is fantastic, and knowing the lengths Gloria has gone to, to ensure Living Buddha is the best possible phytoplankton nutritional supplement available gives me great confidence that it’s a very worthy addition to my health routine. I am definitely keen to carry on taking my daily Living Buddha to see if these great results continue over time.


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Test of a Journalist ;-)

Spotlight on Phytoplankton: Potent Superfood Nutrition? With the silly season over I am at that beginning of the year stage of utter determination to turn