Your Soul
is the "Boss".

Many of us have experienced how it feels, when some intuitive knowing comes from within and helps us to guide our life. For some it even occures in areas where they have not much background knowledge in. These messages are from our soul. In classes and workshops we are unfolding this connection to our soul to make their wisdom available for our life. To live from our soul can lead you to greatest success in every aspect of your life.

Discover Your Soul Power
Monthly Class

Everyone and everything has a soul. To nourish your soul and align with it is key for success in every aspect of life. Soul is carrier of numerous experiences and stories, of our greatest potential and of the most important force in the universe: Love.

Discover the reason why it is so important to understand and master soul for us, our family, and friends, and how you can connect to your soul using simple practices. Learn how the power of soul can transform every aspect of your life. Meet us once a month to deepen your experience every time.

Those who want to connect to your soul on a deeper level can bring out and strengthen their individual soul voice. If required the class will be hold both in English and German.

Connect to Your Soul

Practice class to use soul power. Your special moment of the week. Relax and receive new inspirations for your daily life. Share your topics and receive personal practices related to your needs.

In a small group you can learn and apply soul techniques while strengthening your energy, self-heal pain and tension and relieve other parts of your life.
If required the class will be hold both in English and German.