Functional Nutrition Program 2-months

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Functional Nutrition Program 2-months


What is Functional Nutrition?

You are unique. You have your biochemical code, health history, and lifestyle.

Your health program should be individual to you! I use functional nutrition as a key part of treating the root cause of your symptoms, helping you restore wellness, find balance in the body, and prevent disease.

I will do an in-depth assessment to look at ALL of your body systems (not just the ones causing symptoms). Based on your main concerns and what we discover in this analysis, I will recommend a set of tests that will provide the information necessary to assess the root cause of your health challenges.

From this thorough set of data, I will create a customized program just for you that meets you where you’re at in your current state of health and offers an actionable plan to follow.

In your program, you will get advice on diet, functional foods, lifestyle, and supplements.

Functional nutrition is a powerful tool that uses food as a natural medicine to help restore balance, replete nutrient deficiencies, and more.

Functional nutrition focuses on the patient instead of the disease. It is a personalized method of optimizing your health based on your genetics, lab values, lifestyle, and more.

I use no generic meal plans or handouts because each person is different!


Your individual and unique Program!

We will work closely together to develop a comprehensive and customized Functional Nutrition Program specifically designed for your health situation and lifestyle.

Educating my clients using pictures, diagrams, clinical studies, and straightforward language is key so that when you receive your personalized program, you understand it. If you can understand why you need to do something, you are much more likely to do it, and the “how” will naturally follow.

When I present you with your personalized protocol, I ensure that you understand how you reached your present level of health, so that you clearly understand how you got to where you are, and more importantly, how you will get back to optimal health. By the time we have completed the second session, you will have a clear understanding of your main concern and how you will reach your health goals.

In the Functional Nutrition Program, we go through a thorough symptom analysis. Based on your main concerns and what we discover in this analysis, I will recommend the set of tests that will provide the information necessary to assess the root cause of your health challenges. With the Functional Nutrition Program, we are approaching your health from all angles, taking into account genetics, your biochemical makeup, blood work, and other data.


What you can expect from the Functional Nutrition Program?

The entire program is 1 month in length. We will work closely in the first weeks of the program as we complete your diet and lifestyle assessment, a thorough intake, health history, and symptom analysis. From this, I will determine the best testing for your needs. In certain cases, there will be a waiting period as tests are run and results are collected.

From this thorough data set, I will create a customized program for you that meets you where you’re at in your current state of health and offers an actionable plan to follow for the first month.

For one month following the initial month of your program, I will be in close contact with you, monitoring your progress and making adjustments as needed.

How the program works

This comprehensive program spans approximately 2-months, I spend additional time creating and customizing your program to suit your specific health requirements.

Step 1 Intake

  • Comprehensive health history intake
  • Symptom analysis and assessment of roughly 200 possible bodily symptoms
  • Diet and lifestyle assessment
  • Eating habit review
  • Drug and Supplement assessment (amount, brands, forms, interactions, etc.)
  • Review of existing blood work and other medical tests
  • Review of testing options that are most applicable to your needs

Step 2 Functional Nutrition Testing and Analysis

Following the initial assessment, I will make a recommendation for the best set of testing for your needs.

This may include:

  • Personal genetic testing
  • Comprehensive digestive and microbial analysis
  • IgG food sensitivity testing
  • Cardiovascular and metabolic screening
  • Comprehensive hormone panel
  • Estrogen metabolite analysis
  • Functional adrenal stress profile
  • Iodine challenge test
  • Fatty acids profile
  • Heavy metals and hair mineral analysis
  • Toxic elements
  • NOTE: Not all of these tests will be recommended. We will select the ones that make the most sense for your individual needs. (Tests are not included in the program price.)

Step 3 Customized Protocol

Once I have collected and thoroughly reviewed all the data, and applied it to the information gathered during the intake, I create an evidence-based customized program for you that includes the:

  • Personalized information package on your main concern
  • Complete analysis of your test results
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Therapeutic supplementation program
  • Recipes
  • Supportive material

Step 4 Program Delivery

The full analysis and program development typically take about 3 – 7 days at which point we’ll meet again in person or via Skype where I will go through your entire program with you. I ensure you fully understand your health challenges, how your test results impact your health, and how your program recommendations are going to work to heal and rebalance you. In short, you will know what you need to do, how you need to do it, and why you’re doing it.

Step 5 Ongoing Support

Follow-up time with me will be used as we see fit to assess progress, and to make updates and changes as needed.

What do they say


I feel so blessed!

The next day after the first session my mother woke up with much less pain. She walked without any help and with security! After about 10 years of pain it was the least pain ever! And she feels very happy and peaceful in her heart! Every session with Gloria my mother got better and better, and after 5 weeks her pain completely disappeared! She is completely another person now and she doesn’t need a walker anymore. Thank you so much Gloria for your amazing support !!!

You are a godsend for me!

During our first session I already felt that you were exactly the right person to help me get back on my feet quickly. You took so much time to get to know me and my medical history and really turned me upside down from head to toe. Since the change of diet in combination with the supplements I feel sooooo much better and that after only 3 weeks! I notice how I feel better every day and that is just great. Thanks a million dear Gloria

Thank you so much!!!

The blessings from Gloria, also over distance, stabilized me more and more and were very powerful. Anxiety and panic attacks became better. I feel acceptance, confidence, and hope, which I haven't felt in this form for a long time. I am so incredibly grateful from the bottom of my heart for Gloria's support during this time of my life, and have never experienced something so powerful before, even though I have tried an incredible amount of things!!!!

An integrated and evidence-based health approach additional to Western medicine.

A holistic perspective on the root causes of imbalances.

The power of integrative therapies, bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and practical application.

The art of restoring optimal health through targeted interventions, involving therapeutic foods, lifestyle modifications, and nutraceutical strategies.

In-depth exploration of the intricacies of the body’s systems and how to understand the language of the body, known as symptomatology.


Your questions answered

Everyone is different and unique. All of my services address the root cause of your challenges. You get a personalized and exceptional service just for you.

If you are stuck in your life or have special challenges with no solutions I suggest you give it a try!

Absolutely. You can easily adapt my services to your daily life without missing anything.