Living Walls

Are you striving to improve productivity well-being and create a positive impression on your clients?

Living Walls are the perfect eye-catcher to create a healthy, exceptional, and relaxing atmosphere.

We proudly are the exclusive Partner for a new system of vertical green!

— For outdoor and indoor use —
— Even possible without direct water connection —
— Much less weight than other systems —
— No mould and smell compared to other systems on the market —
— Easy to install —
— New possibilities of placing —
— The easiest to plant and change —
— Available as Room Divider, double- or single-sided —
— Works with hydro or soil plants in their original grow pots —
— The easiest to maintain —
— 4-week watering cycle —
— Immediately a wow-effect —

What are the Benefits of Living Walls?

the air

Plants in a living wall can filter particulate matter from the air and transform carbon dioxide right into oxygen. 1 m2 of a living wall surface essences 2.3 kg of carbon dioxide from the air and produces 1.7 kilograms of oxygen. With a living wall surface, you contribute to air purification.


Reduces the ambient
temperature level

Plants absorb the sunshine, 50% received, and 30% reflected, creating a more pleasant and cooler climate. For the indoor environment, 33% less air condition is required, which means energy cost savings.

Decreases ambient noise
inside and outside

A living wall surface acts as a sound barrier to your office. It absorbs 41% more sound than a typical facade, which means that the environment is much quieter. A living wall can cause a decrease of 8 dB, which implies that ambient noise is reduced.


A green workplace can cause a 15% boost in productivity! Plants have a positive effect on people and result in employee satisfaction.

Healthy interior

Plants can promote a healthy interior climate. In this way, irritated eyes, migraines, aching throats, and tiredness can be reduced. In companies where are a lot of plants, there is a recognizable reduction in absence due to sickness.

recovery setting

Plants can promote quicker healing for people. A person tolerance for pain is higher in a green environment. This is also known as a ‘healing environment’.

Rises the sensation
of well-being

Living and also operating in a green environment has a positive effect on the wellness of people. Plants can supply relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety.


Much more
social communication

Working or living in a green atmosphere brings people together. It is known that plants have a positive effect on social communication. Areas with more greenery suffer less from aggression.

Minimize stress and
anxiety levels

More than 80 % of workers are stressed out. Green offices stimulate relax by reducing stress. Blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension, and brain activity can be improved by viewing plants for as little as 3 to 5 minutes.

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