Living Walls for Wellness

Living walls offer numerous benefits at the economic, ecological and societal level.

A living wall helps to purify the air, to regulate the temperature and to promote biodiversity. What’s more, people are happier in a green environment than in grey surroundings.

Key benefits

  • 1 m2 of a living wall surface essences 2.3 kg of carbon dioxide from the air and produces 1.7 kg of oxygen
  • 33% less air condition is required, which means energy cost savings
  • It absorbs 41% more sound than a typical facade and can cause a decrease of 8 dB
  • A green workplace can give a boost of 15% in productivity
  • Irritated eyes, migraines, aching throats, and tiredness can be reduced with a living wall
  • Plants can promote quicker healing for people
  • Greens can supply relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Areas with more greenery suffer less from aggression
  • Working or living in a green atmosphere brings people together
  • Blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension, and brain activity can be improved in 3 to 5 minutes

Many possibilities

  •  For outdoor and indoor use
  • Even possible without direct water connection
  • Much less weight than other systems
  • No mould and smell compared to other systems on the market
  • Easy to install
  • New possibilities of placing
  • The easiest to plant and change
  • Available as Room Divider, double- or single-sided
  • Works with hydro or soil plants in their original grow pots
  • The easiest to maintain
  • 4-week watering cycle
  • Immediately a wow-effect


Specifying a living wall in your hotel sets you apart from the competition, literally breathing fresh air into interiors and dramatically improving localised air quality in gardens entrances and courtyards, green walls are a welcome enhancement to your property. A living wall delivers a wonderful sense of arrival, bringing an immediate sense of calm to clients arriving at a hotel.


Biophilic design can reduce stress, improve cognitive function, inspire creativity and enhance wellbeing. Bringing the natural character into busy lives. Our living walls can be used for interiors and exteriors and will support your design seamlessly. We create a beautiful and natural addition to your venue.


One of the key rules of yacht design is that nothing is impossible. This yacht garden, with natural plants, makes you forget you’re sailing across the ocean - an ideal spot for enjoying dining. You can also have a garden that provides fresh herbs and spices or use a living wall as a calming garden to inspire a feeling of relaxation. We hit the perfect balance between form and function, innovation and technology, comfort and aesthetics.

Examples of Living Walls

Are you striving to improve productivity, well-being and create a positive impression? Living Walls are the perfect eye-catcher to create a healthy, exceptional, and relaxing atmosphere.