Let Oxygen flow in Your Body!​

1 month with Living Buddha® has the effect of 3 months of training at 3.000 m altitude!

Increase in Haemoglobin

Living Buddha® increases hemoglobin levels naturally! Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells. These cells are responsible for carrying oxygen around the body. In addition to transporting oxygen, hemoglobin carries carbon dioxide out of the cells and into the lungs. Having low hemoglobin can make it difficult for the body to perform these functions.

Increase of O2 Consumption

The intense chlorophyll content in Living Buddha® also increases oxygen uptake. Higher oxygen uptake means fuel to muscles, which translates to improved performance and endurance.

The consumption of Microalgae Tetraselmis Chuii for 1 month obtained similar or higher results in hemoglobin without the increase in
hematocrit and higher O2 consumption when compared to a high-altitude or high-intensity training for at least 3 months.*

* Presented from athletes who were supplemented with Tetraselmis Chuii1

1) Rodrigo Bellido, F.J. Effects of Tetraselmis Chuii intake on oxidative stress in sportsmen. Extremadura University, Thesis, 2017.


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