Biophilic Wellness For Hotels

Living Walls deliver a WOW factor like no other. They bring a myriad of health benefits to both client’s and employees alike, living walls are the perfect addition to the hospitality environment.

Specifying a living wall in your hotel sets you apart from the competition, literally breathing fresh air into interiors and dramatically improving localised air quality in gardens entrances and courtyards, green walls are a welcome enhancement to your property. A living wall delivers a wonderful sense of arrival, bringing an immediate sense of calm to clients arriving at a hotel.

Hotel guests tend to spend a large part of their hotel stay inside designed spaces, whether it is in-room or lobby spaces. Green hotel design cultivates a community of guests that are more aware and invested in a long-term shift toward generations that are healthier, more productive, and more connected to nature.

Planted correctly, living walls look good all year round, bringing biodiversity to urban areas and improving air quality. Living Walls bring proven acoustic benefits to the surrounding space, bringing a sense of calm to clients and employees. Living walls are a powerful method for Hotel owners to communicate their green targets and sustainability credentials.

Was its Biophilic design?

Biophilic design’s emphasis on plant life has a direct impact on a building’s air quality. Plants are natural air purifiers, turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, so increasing the amount of plant life in an environment improves air quality.

Biophilic design can reduce stress, improve cognitive function, inspire creativity and enhance wellbeing. Bringing the naturalcharacter into busy lives. Living walls can be used for interiors and exteriors and will support your design seamlessly. We create a beautiful and natural addition to your venue.

The benefits of biophilia include improved stress recovery rates, lower blood pressure, improved cognitive functions, enhanced mental stamina and focus decreased violence and criminal activity elevated moods and increased learning rates.

Biophilic design is much more than adding plants to a space. It is a strategy for developing a multi-sensory relationship with the world around us. It is at the cross-section between the sustainability
movement, wellness and human-centred design. It refers to the the design practice of connecting people and nature within our built environments and communities. Now more than ever, hotel guests are seeking spaces that are cleaner, calmer, and more restoring.

Times are changing…

The world of travel and hotel designs is fundamentally changing. What if we could experience the same physical, psychological, and emotional benefits moving through a hotel that we experience walking through a forest? Biophilic design helps people feel like they have spaces to settle, explore, adapt and be creative. These benefits build stronger connections and foster better collaboration, as well as
trust in the ability to reinvigorate the industry.

The key benefits are:

  • Guests are willing to pay 23% more for rooms with biophilic elements
  • Nature are attributed, and property prices can increase by 4-5%
  • 1 m2 of a living wall essences 2.3 kg of carbon dioxide from the air and produces 1.7 kg of oxygen
  • 33% less air condition is required, which means energy cost savings
  • It absorbs 41% more sound than a typical facade and can cause a decrease of 8 dB
  • A green place can give a boost of 15% in productivity
  • Plants can promote quicker healing for people
  • Areas with more greenery suffer less from aggression
  • Plants can supply relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety

Advantages of living walls:

  • Almost everywhere easy to install, inside and outdoor
  • Live plants – no dead and chemically preserved plants without wellness effect
  • Much less weight than other systems
  • Easiest to maintain plants and change
  • No mould and smell compared to other systems on the market (textile bags)
  • Different watering systems available (manual, pump, automatic, semi-automatic)
  • Manual 4-week watering cycle possible without direct water connection
  • Adapt also to corners and round shapes
  • Plants drink with straws and are not constantly standing in water
  • Unique grid system, not direct contact of water with underground
  • Due to unique lighting system possible without nature light
  • Chance to uninstall and move to another place if needed

Contact us to figure out the possibilities for your hotel!

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